How are home bakers vetted for food safety?

Home bakers go through an onboarding process before they are accepted on the platform. Home bakers must follow all Cottage Food Laws.



How do I subscribe?

Simply download our app and search for home bakers in your neighborhood. View their delicious treats, then subscribe to the receive your box full of these treats each month.


What is cancellation policy?

Simply go you subscription page and click unsubscribe button.


What are the fees on my subscription?

Your card will be charged on the 1st each month per the cost of the baked goods you subscribed to receive each month.


How can I be a home baker?

Simply download our app and quickly complete the application.


Is there membership fee for home bakers?

It's free to join. There is no subscription required or membership fees to get going. You keep 80% of baking service fees and 100% of the tips.  Payout dates to home bakers are on the 3rd of each month.